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Why Isn't My Financial Advisor Website Producing Leads?

If your site is not generating a sufficient flow of qualified leads for your financial advisors, read on.  In a recent Paladin survey, 72% of financial advisors said this was the case.  

What’s the Problem? 

There are several potential problems that must be resolved in your digital marketing strategy. The three principal problems are: 

  1. The visibility of your website on the Internet for certain keywords
  2. The amount of relevant traffic that visits your website
  3. Your website’s conversion rate (traffic into prospects) 

You have to solve the problems to improve your digital marketing results. 

The Marketing Engine 

When you use the Internet to generate leads your website has to do more of your marketing for you. There is no sales opportunity if investors do not submit their contact information. 

Your website’s job is to convince visitors to give up their anonymity and submit the information. This is a formidable challenge because most investors protect their contact information. 

Any website weaknesses will cause visitors to exit your site without submitting their contact information. They have too many choices for this not to be true.

Download our eBook:  Is Your Financial Advisor Website Producing Leads? This free eBook explores tips that can increase the number of leads that are produced by your website. 

The Delivery System 

Financial advisor websites use two core strategies to generate qualified leads: 

  1. Deliver the information that investors are seeking when they use the Internet to find, screen, and contact financial advisors
  2. Make intriguing free offers that solve financial problems (registration required) 

Your key to increasing the productivity of your website is understanding the information that investors are seeking when they visit financial advisor websites. 

Internet Visibility & Traffic 

Websites need traffic to be successful, which means you also need a strategy that produces a steady flow of relevant visitors to your website. 

You can direct traffic to your website, but those people already know you. 

Your biggest digital marketing challenge is reaching people who do not know you. This is a major challenge due to the extraordinary number of competitors who are vying for investor attention on the Internet. 

There are multiple strategies for producing visibility and traffic: Local SEO, content marketing, social networking, and SEM. 

Relevant Traffic 

Increased traffic will also raise the visibility of your website as your domain authority improves. But, you do not want just any traffic. You want relevant traffic that has the potential to become a client. 

You need a digital marketing strategy that reaches your ideal types of clients, for example: pre-retirees, retirees, business owners, professionals, and business executives. These personas should drive all of your online marketing activities.

Is Your Advisor Website Producing Leads 

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