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Tips for Creating Social Media Profiles for Financial Advisors

Creating your social media profile should showcase you as a financial advisor.  Everything in your profile should reflect you as a professional in the financial services industry.  Your profile should make the person viewing your profile conclude you are a trustworthy expert and want to do business with you.  Remember these key things when creating or updating your profile:

A picture is worth a thousand words. 

Your picture should be up to date, show you professionally dressed and groomed, and be on a solid background or at a significant location.  Location shots should be at your office or another location specific to your industry, such as on Wall Street for example. 

In Writing your profile information,

include who you are, what you do (financial advisor, wealth management, etc.), and why you do it.  Keep your profile information professional and do not include anything regarding your personal life outside of work.  The exception to this is marital status, having children, and a short inclusion of what you enjoy for hobbies outside of work.  A short mention of these things shows commitment and dedication and that you have relationships outside of work.  Always include your education and former employment (industry only), and the licenses you hold in the securities industry.  A ten year employment history is sufficient.  If you’ve been at only one company for more than ten years, add a second position if possible.

Always have your compliance analyst review

your professional profile for LinkedIn and Facebook and include your signature line disclosures at the end of your profile if required at your firm.

Be aware of compliant posts that you write yourself. 

In the securities industry, these are required to be reviewed.  Commenting on a post or sharing a post written by someone else that pertains to the industry is generally allowed by your compliance department.  For policies on social media, visit with your compliance professional.

Choose your connections carefully. 

Because your social media profile is about you as a financial advisor, your connections should reflect who you know in the industry.  Choose to connect to others in other industries if you personally know them or have worked with them.  Do not choose to connect to clients due to privacy issues; however, If a client requests a connection to you, that is permissible.

If you choose to have a personal profile

on Facebook, make it personal and only include your position or profession on your profile, but not where you are employed.  Because you work in the financial services industry, be aware of requirements you need to follow for your social media profile.

One way to ensure a successful social media professional profile is to think of it as another form of a resume. 

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