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Teresa Leno

Teresa Leno

Teresa Leno, CEO of Fresh Finance, started her company in 2009, to help advisors deliver their message in ways that position them as experts. She believes that the message (content) an advisor puts out in the world is a reflection of them that either hurts or helps their image. While working in the financial services industry as a financial advisor, Teresa discovered there is a ‘content desert’, where good content, current technology, and social media are not found together. While writing new content for her own use, she developed software to help other advisors get their ‘message’ across through options available today such as email, print, and social media. Teresa started her financial services career after owning her own business, working for a technology company, and as a broker in the commodity food industry. Her financial services experience includes Northwestern Mutual, AIG Retirement Services, and lastly JP Morgan Chase. Teresa is a true entrepreneur at heart, and takes pride in helping others while developing new ideas.

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