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The Best Title Ideas for Your Financial Advisor Blog

Have you ever sat down to write a blog only to encounter writer’s block that makes it difficult, if not impossible, to come up with a title for your post or even the content itself?  If so, you are not alone.  Creating titles for financial advisor blog posts is not easy.   Let’s take a quick look at a few helpful tips that will make selecting blog post titles that much easier, ultimately maximizing the return on your financial advisor digital marketing investment.


Recognize the Importance of the Proper Blog Titles

You can spend all the time in the world generating top-notch content for your financial advisor blog only to have the content generate minimal interest due to a flawed title.  Every single post you add to your financial advisor blog needs a strong, compelling title that makes truly indelible impressions on investors who are your audience.  

In short, like the headlines in newspapers, great titles are what sell the content within the blog posts.  Come up with a catchy title that expresses what is found in the blog below in a truly artful manner and your blog traffic will boom.  In short, it is in your best interest to carve out some time to brainstorm enticing blog post titles. This can start with keyword research for articles on page one of Google and the other major search engines.


Incorporate Keywords and Other Elements of SEO in Your Financial Advisor Blog Titles

Every blog post you publish should have at least one set of keywords in its title.  Ideally, the post will have multiple keywords, key phrases, and possibly even a local identifier to help steer that much more web traffic in the direction of your financial advisor firm.  The keywords you select should pertain to the focus of the blog post itself as well as your unique market niches.  

The bottom line is the use of such keywords, key phrases, and local identifiers ultimately help your blog and your website as a whole rank that much better in the search engine results pages or SERPs for short.  

The incorporation of such keywords makes it clear to Google as well as other search engines that your website and components of your online footprint provide the services signified by the specific keywords.  Furthermore, these keywords, key phrases, and localized information should also be included in the actual body of the blog post below, ideally at a keyword saturation rate of 0.5% to 2.5% for optimal impact.


Use Words That Encourage Readers to Heed Your Call to Action

Action-oriented words really will compel your readers to read the blog post and take the suggested action.  Carefully select the words used in your blog post title to encourage your audience to find out more about the service in question.  This is your opportunity to define the value readers will realize when clicking and reading your blog post.  

The bottom line is every single word of your blog post titles really does matter a great deal.  Each word added to the title of a post should help readers better understand the value of that specific content.  Use the words in the titles of blog posts to make it clear as to how readers can benefit from the blog post by clicking it, be patient and you will find the number of clicks gradually spikes.


The Best Blog Post Titles are Custom Tailored to Your Target Audience 

Blogs should be carefully crafted with the target audience in mind.  However, it is not only the content of the blog post that matters – but the title is also of the utmost importance.  The best blog titles are custom-tailored for those who are most likely to pay for the company’s services or products.  Create blog post titles with your niche audience in mind, grab their attention with these titles, and your SEO investment will pay off.  

The moral of this story is that only so many people, at any point in time, are interested in financial advisory services.  More investors are seeking information than they are seeking financial advisors. Some people are not at the point in life where they can benefit from investment services.  Others are not open to changing financial advisors or simply do not want to tinker with their current financial plans.  Tailor your blog content and post titles accordingly, zero in on those most likely to benefit from your value offering, and your blog traffic will spike in due time.


The Best Blog Titles are Short and to the Point

People are busier today than at any other point in human history.  They are also inundated with online information. Though few know it, humans in hunter-gatherer societies worked 10 hours a week.  Most American households had only one source of income until the 1950s.  

Nowadays, it seems like everyone is on-the-go, egregiously busy, and has little time remaining to read, watch TV, play video games or simply go for a relaxing walk.  In other words, your financial advisor marketing might go unnoticed unless you get right to the point without delay.  

Financial advisor blog post titles should be 10 words or less in length.  Such short titles typically generate the most attention on social media platforms such as Twitter.  In terms of ranking, blog titles should be kept to 70 characters or fewer so they are not cut off when searches are conducted in Google, Yahoo, Duck Duck Go, and other search engines.  Opt for a short title that clearly explains what the post is all about yet short enough to interest prospective readers and you will inspire clicks.


When in Doubt, Pose a Question 

If you have writer’s block and cannot come up with an intriguing new title for your financial advisor blog post, simply pose a question.  Raising a question really does get readers’ mental wheels turning, helping you connect with that many more audience members.  

The typical web surfer sees such questions posted in blog titles and begins to apply that inquiry to their own life, creating a mental catalyst that leads to additional questions and intellectual curiosity, ultimately encouraging the web surfer not only to click on the blog post, but also read its content.  

Just make sure that the question you ask in your blog post is narrowly tailored to those who are inclined to pay for your financial advisor firm’s services and it will pique their interest to the point that they are compelled to click it and read at least the first few paragraphs, if not the entire post.   

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