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by Debbie Freeman
on December 11, 2017

Tags: Digital

For the past few years, Paladin has been designing and developing custom lead-generating websites for RIAs and IARs. Using inbound marketing as our foundation, our sites are very interactive with visitors and serve as a 24/7 “greeter” that provides visitors with the information they are looking for to learn more about the services a financial-advisor firm offers and the problems or solutions they may solve for the visitor.


A good financial-advisor website has under two minutes to build trust with visitors, so making the right first impression is critical. A successful RIA website includes the right imagery, messaging and content that conveys who you are, what you do and the solutions you provide to your clients. An interactive website should provide visitors with information that they are looking for, specific to their financial needs. Your site should draw visitors in on its own, like a moth to a flame.


After taking a long, hard look at our own site, we realized that we needed to start practicing what we preached to our own clients. We needed a new, updated website look and feel and we needed to make it easier for our visitors to reach out and connect with us.


Giving our website a fresh makeover is something that’s been on our want-to-do list for some time, and finally, after a lot of hard work and research, our renovated site officially went live on Oct. 30, 2017. If you haven’t had a chance to check it out yet, please do.


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Component #1: The theme and design:


Because we’re in the business of making connections between investors and financial advisors, we chose a theme that conveys this with the use of lines, dots and connections. Whether we’re generating leads for you from the Paladin Registry or we help you generate leads through your own Internet presence (website, social media, blogging), this theme really resonated with the Paladin team.


Our updated logo


Paladin logo.png






Since our website was getting a new, modern look, we decided our brand needed a facelift too. Bolder colors and a crisper font give our image a more current feel and sets the tone for our updated overall look.


Component #2: Site structure:


The site now offers simple and intuitive navigation so visitors can easily find what they’re looking for. We highlighted the five frequently asked-about topics – About, Leads, Websites, Inbound and of course, Blog. From there, it’s easy to find links to our most recent blog articles, our company history and FAQs.


Downloadable versions of our eBooks



Paladin ebooks.png


Our website visitors can now download a series of eBooks and checklists without having to go too far to look for them. Sharp, clean images of each book are displayed in a simple format. By adding these to our home page, our eBook downloads have increased by 148% since launching the new site.


An airy, modernized look


The new site offers a lot of white space, so the eyes can take a break when skimming for information. This simple technique gives a more professional, sophisticated look that prevents a visitor from being overwhelmed.


The initial results of the reorganized design are very positive.


  • The average visitor’s time onsite increased by 37%
  • The average pages viewed per visitor session increased by 13%
  • Landing page views have increased by 23% and submissions have increased by 50%
  • The number of new contacts (leads) generated from the site have increased 126%
  • Average landing page conversion rates have improved by 25%


Paladin Registry was born in 2003, and since then, more than 2 million investors have visited our main investor/financial advisor website, PaladinRegistry.com. Paladin Digital Marketing came about out of necessity in 2014, when advisors began requesting digital marketing services from us. They wanted unique websites that distinguished them from their competitors. They wanted a fresh look and an appropriate feel. They wanted a user-friendly, stream-line experience. We answered their call, providing them with inbound marketing services such as custom website redesigns, content marketing strategies (blogging, editorial calendar management, etc.) social media and video production. And today, we treated ourselves to those same perks!


Let us know what you think!


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