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If you have your own financial advisor website, it’s more than likely running on WordPress, which is the world’s most popular software tool for developing websites and blogs.

In early December, WordPress launched it’s 5.0 release, called Gutenberg. This was a significant release, as it includes a major overhaul on design functionality. Without getting too technical, the major enhancements include a “drop and drag” editor function that allows developers to create dynamic, visually appealing sites and pages.

The common practice when a new release is made is to update your existing WordPress version. So, how does this impact you if your current RIA website is running on WordPress?

Here’s a quick overview of the 5.0 release impacts and what you need to know:


Do I have to switch to the new WordPress 5.0 version right away?

No. You can make the decision to upgrade to the new version when you want. With that said, if you want to maintain the current version, your web developer will need to install the Classic Editor plugin to your current site. The Classic Editor plugin will allow you to post and/or edit content on your site as you’ve done in the past.


How long will my current version of WordPress be supported?

WordPress has committed to supporting and updating the Classic Editor function until 2022.


How can I tell if my site is on WordPress?

To validate if your RIA website is running on WordPress, conduct this quick test: Go to Builtwith.com, enter your URL and then click Lookup as shown below:

wordpress image

When the report appears, scroll to the Content Management System section to see if WordPress appears. The report will also show the most recent version of WordPress that your site is running on.

wordpress image 2


What if my current WordPress theme is not compatible with Gutenberg/5.0?

If you’re using a theme that is not compatible with Gutenberg, it will most likely still function but will potentially have restricted functionality. If your website’s theme is outdated or even abandoned, you should look for a replacement theme immediately.

Your webmaster can assist with this or you can utilize a Digital Marketing agency that specializes in developing custom WordPress sites to assist with that transition.

The same issue applies to any plugins that you have on your current website. Most plugin developers have been working to bring their products up-to-date with Gutenberg. Unfortunately, there is no easy way of knowing if your site’s theme and/or plugins are compatible without doing a deeper dive with a skilled web development team being involved.


Can I upgrade to 5.0 but still use the existing Classic Editor function for posting and/or editing?

Yes, you can upgrade to 5.0 but can continue using the Classic Editor function or switch to the new editor, Gutenberg. Remember, the Classic Editor plugin will be supported until 2022.


2019 Planning

Given this recent change and more technology upgrades that will be soon to follow, 2019 will be a pivotal year to bring your website technology up-to-speed and enhance your digital footprint.

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