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How Social Media Helps SEO for Financial Advisors

Social media is an essential inbound marketing tool for financial advisors.  Though few financial advisors know it, social media reinforces SEO.  SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which impacts your visibility on the Internet.  

Do not make the mistake of assuming you can simply load up your online content with keywords and key phrases and that’s all there is to it. The Internet is way too competitive for this to be true. 

Take the extra step of developing your financial advisory firm’s social media profiles, be active on those platforms and you will achieve additional SEO success that produces more leads for your services.  

Let’s take a closer look at the importance of social media for financial advisors.


Social Media Helps Build Your Audience

The more eyes that view your online content, the better the chances are that those visitors will convert into active leads and prospects.  In some cases, it merely takes a “like” or a share on social media to connect your firm to an entire network of a follower’s friends, colleagues, and others.  

Keep in mind Facebook has a couple of billion users.  Social media for financial advisors bolsters brand awareness by getting your firm’s name out there, and ultimately helps your business cast as wide a net as possible on the Internet.  Seize the opportunity to expand your user base through Facebook and other platforms and your audience can expand exponentially.


Social Media Steers Web Traffic Toward Your Website

Add insightful content to your social media pages and those who follow you will share the posts with their web-based social circles.  These are the all-important online referrals your financial advisor firm needs to connect with that many more investors.  Give your all when creating your online content, provide your audience with links to that content through social media and your posts might even go viral, helping you to connect with dozens or even hundreds of new investors.  

Furthermore, case studies show businesses that have a high number of Facebook shares improve their search engine results.  The bottom line is content that proves popular on social media platforms really does attract that many more links from websites.


Social Media for Financial Advisors Enhances Authority With Google

Nowadays, most people research financial advisors on the web prior to making a decision that impacts who they interview and eventually select.  This is precisely why Google search rankings impact your firm’s ability to produce qualified leads.  Digital marketing, in the form of social media, proves quite helpful with website SEO as Facebook and other platforms link directly to your financial advisor firm’s website.  These links prove that your company’s site has a meaningful following and is legitimate, ultimately helping it move up the rankings on search engine results pages (SERPs).  

Social media accounts rank independently on search engine results pages.  Every link that ranks with the search engine results pages is a solid opportunity to transform prospects into paying clients.  Furthermore, social media platforms are now searchable.  

People can search for your unique financial advisory firm on Facebook and other social media platforms, enhancing the SEO backlinks to your site, boosting your authority with Google, and ultimately improving your search engine rankings.


Social Media for Financial Advisors Profiles Boost SEO Rank

Though social shares do not have a gigantic impact on your financial advisory firm’s position in the search engine results pages, social profiles certainly impact the content of such results.  

The truth is, social media profiles are typically the top results that pop up when people search for specific brand names.  Type in any company name or brand name to test this thesis and you will find the top five to ten results likely feature the business’s Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and/or Twitter pages.


Social Media for Financial Advisors Enhances Brand Awareness

Brand reputation is largely built on the web.  Use your social profiles to raise awareness of your brand and get clients talking about your services.  Interact with your audience on the many different platforms and your company will be viewed in a very positive light.  

Furthermore, people will share links to your social media posts and click links from your social pages to visit your website and other components of your online footprint.  

Be patient, continue to add to your social media pages, respond to questions posted to your pages, and maintain an active presence on these platforms.  This activity will boost your SEO and heighten your brand awareness all the more.


Don’t Forget to Promote Your Financial Advisory Firm on YouTube!

YouTube is a legitimate social media channel.  After all, the platform empowers users to interact with one another, post content, share information, and so on.  Use YouTube as a platform to share your message and detail your value proposition through engaging videos.  Invite watchers to comment on your videos and share them with others.  

Don’t lose sight of the fact that YouTube is the second most searched component of the web behind Google.  This means it is imperative your financial advisory firm has a channel on the platform and updates for that channel on a regular basis.  Add titles, tags, and meta descriptions to your YouTube videos along with links to your financial advisory firm homepage and your effort on the platform will reinforce your SEO push all the more.


Social Media Establishes a Rapport in Addition to Boosting SEO for Financial Advisors

Even if your primary concern is not enhancing SEO, using social media will help your firm develop more rapport with your targeted audiences.  After all, prospective clients are unlikely to consider your value offering unless they trust you and your team of financial advisors.  The simple truth of the matter is financial advisors with social media profiles are viewed as more trustworthy, respected, legitimate, and deserving of business.  

Prospective clients really do respect financial advisors who invest the time necessary to create and manage social media profiles more than those who bypass this important form of digital interaction.  As long as you update your social media profiles with regularity, the effort will prove worth it over the long haul, boosting your SEO, connecting you with that many more prospects, and helping you establish the all-important rapport necessary to convert online visitors into loyal clients.

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