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Google SGE and Your Financial Advisor Website

While futuristic movies and books have painted a rather scary picture of what AI means for our future, the truth is that artificial intelligence is nothing to be wary of. And while drones and robots are a part of the broader AI picture, the everyday uses for AI are far less dramatic. This includes the way Google is using AI to enhance the search experience by introducing its new tool, SGE. 

Currently still in the experimental stages, SGE stands for “Search Generative Experience” and it’s poised to revolutionize the internet search experience. Here’s more about SGE and how it may affect your financial advisor marketing and website SEO, content, and how to prepare for the changes AI is bringing to the way investors search for financial advisors on the Internet.


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The biggest change in how SGE differs from Google’s current search model is the way it delivers results. Rather than delivering several search results with links to websites containing that information, it provides a thorough overview of the topic that has been compiled from multiple sources using AI. Google sees this as a more natural approach to search by saving the user multiple steps and putting all the information it thinks they’re looking for directly on the page. Not to mention this makes Google more competitive compared to Chat.


How Could SGE Affect Your Financial Advisor Website?


Reduced Organic Traffic

One of the major SEO-related concerns with SGE is a likely decrease in organic traffic. This could happen because of SGE’s approach to delivering the content as a compiled result, rather than multiple links that users can click on to find the results they’re looking for. 

But rather than looking at this as a weakness of AI-driven search tools for firms with an online presence, financial advisors should adjust their definition of “success” by putting less emphasis on organic search in general while defining new metrics that define success. 

By taking a more holistic approach to digital marketing, you can be better prepared when big changes happen in the digital space.


Changes to SEO Strategy 

Most SEO strategies are built around keywords and phrases, with an emphasis on intent and semantics thanks to another one of Google’s technology advancements – Semantic Search. With the search engines being accessed more frequently from mobile devices using voice to initiate searches, this is a natural evolution for Google. In some ways, the same can be said for SGE and how Google is pairing existing search algorithms with new AI technologies. For financial advisors with high-quality website content, SGE has the potential to improve the number of contacts and leads. 

In this case, it helps to think of quality over quantity. While you may see a reduction in the number of clicks and visits to your financial advisor website, having the relevant information that Google’s SGE is looking to include in the search result means more people will likely see this content without clicking. 

As always, the key to success is high-quality content that builds credibility and trust.

While you can’t measure traffic the same way, this can prove to be even more valuable when a well-informed lead visits your page looking for more of the content they saw from their initial search.



As an acronym for “Your Money or Your Life,” Google classifies topics based on their impact on its user's health, safety, financial well-being, and happiness. As a financial advisor, your website content falls into this category and is given special consideration in SGE’s current format. 

To prevent inaccurate information, and the fact that  Generative AI is currently experimental, search results from these categories have a disclaimer that encourages the user to validate this type of information with real experts, such as doctors, lawyers, CPAS, or financial advisors. 


How Can Financial Advisors Prepare for SGE? Be Ready for an Eventual Rollout

When Google’s SGE service ever makes it to the mainstream search process, it never hurts to be prepared for potential change. And while Google does share updates and news, they have also been known to quietly roll out changes and features to products with little notice or fanfare. This can catch many people by surprise, making it difficult to pivot quickly when they never saw it coming at them in the first place. 


Don’t Stop Your Current SEO Efforts

It’s important to note that Google SGE is not currently in place. As of this writing, it is still in the experimental stage and has yet to be finalized. And while Google SGE is a glimpse into the future of internet search, it’s important to stay the current course regarding your SEO efforts while also keeping an eye on what might becoming. By doing this, you’re continuing to build credibility and authority with Google, which which can have a major impact on your online visibility. 


Double Down on E-E-A-T 

With Google putting so much emphasis on removing false or outdated content from searches, financial advisors are already in a good position to take advantage of their “Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness.” Now, with Google SGE’s approach to delivering a comprehensive search result, it’s never been more important to rank highly with E-E-A-T


Create and Share SGE-Friendly Financial Advisor Content

Regardless of the latest algorithm update or new technology used in search engines, delivering high-quality “original” content is always the goal. If you have a niche within the financial advising realm, or perhaps a unique approach to educating your audience on complicated financial topics, this is your time to show it. 

While we don’t exactly know what SEO for Google SGE will look like, or when it will be launched worldwide, we do know that the AI component will be incorporating this kind of original content in the search results of investors. 


Use Available Tools to Get Familiar with Generative AI

There’s no better way to familiarize yourself with generative AI content than to use current AI tools to try it out yourself. While there are many services out there, it makes sense to start with Google’s own AI chatbot, Gemini. By testing out potential search query topics relating to financial advice, you can get a good feel for what to expect with Google SGE. 

Want to learn more about AI and SGE?  Contact Paladin to schedule an introductory call.


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