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Facebook Live Boosts Business And SEO For Financial Advisors

The average person understandably assumes Facebook Live is for everyday people who enjoy broadcasting their life to friends and family.  Facebook Live is certainly popular for such casual digital socialization purposes yet it is also a valuable tool for financial advisors looking to expand their client base.  When used prudently, Facebook Live provides the added bonus of enhancing financial advisor firms’ search engine optimization (SEO).  Let’s take a closer look at the value of social video through the Facebook platform:



Emerge From the Crowded Pack With Social Live Video

Unless your financial advisor firm is located in a very small community, you probably aren’t the only financial services provider in town.  Your competition may be running inbound and outbound marketing campaigns through online channels and other forms of online media.  

However, the vast majority of financial advisor firms are not taking full advantage of Facebook Live social video.  Seize the opportunity to connect with prospective and current clients through Facebook Live and you will forge meaningful connections with more prospective clients.  These key relationships have the potential to pay off in the form of additional revenue in the years to come.  

The fact that few financial advisor firms are willing to invest the time and effort learning how to use Facebook Live presents a fantastic opportunity for your firm to get a leg up on these competitors.  Use Facebook Live in a strategic manner, follow up with subsequent streaming sessions to reinforce the initial connections made with your target audience and you will be more than happy with the increased business.  Make this minimal investment of time and effort while the competition sticks to Facebook status updates and your firm really will generate that all-important rapport with potential clients. 


Recognize the Power of Video and Live Streams

Though plenty of people are willing to read the written word, some prefer to watch videos and live streams.  In fact, industry insiders insist more than three-quarters of all web traffic will consist of video by the end of 2021.  This is precisely why Facebook’s seemingly exaggerated claim that live video spurs a 600% uptick in online interactions is likely true.  

The social media giant is even going to the extent of boosting live content within its feed to bolster the popularity of Facebook Live and hike traffic on its platform. This exposure is important for financial advisor firms as well as other businesses as Facebook is going out of its way to make it difficult for brands to appear in users’ news feeds unless those service providers shell out money for paid Facebook advertisements.  

Opt for social live video on the platform and it really will serve as your financial advisor firm’s “in”, helping your company connect with that many more Facebook users in the local community.  

Even if your content is not captivating or entertaining, the mere fact that your Facebook Live video stream will make it into the all-important user feed will boost your company’s exposure, ultimately helping you connect with that many more locals in need of your financial advisor services.

Facebook Live Enhances SEO

Facebook Live is unique in that it empowers users to generate permanent posts then subsequently download the video from live streams so it can be embedded on financial advisory firm landing pages, blogs, etc. 

Facebook Live also permits users to add descriptions to posts, enhancing SEO all the more.  Furthermore, this service provides the opportunity to review analytics during the stream as well as after the stream ends.   

Create several social videos on the platform, embed them on your website and your firm’s SEO will gradually increase. Just be sure to include the video description along with links to components of your firm’s online footprint ranging from the homepage to your blog posts and beyond.  

This strategic approach to Facebook Live will slowly but surely help your financial advisory firm’s SEO by driving traffic to the entirety of your online footprint, ultimately helping locals learn about the merits of your specific value proposition.


Facebook Live Improves Dwell Time

Part of the SEO puzzle is finding ways to keep online visitors on your pages. If web visitors merely spend a couple seconds on your webpages, Google and other search engines will take note of this lack of interest and punish your SEO accordingly.  

Facebook Live videos capture your audience’s attention for an extended period of time, dramatically improving your dwell time SEO metric. Aside from keeping web visitors on your pages, embedded Facebook Live videos also maximize the chances of those users clicking through additional pages on your site.  

All in all, online visitors who find video on your website are likely to remain there for upwards of six times the length of time that would have been spent without the presence of video content.  


Promote Your Facebook Live Stream

Though your Facebook Live video feed is likely to appear in your followers’ feeds on the popular platform, it will also help to promote this extra special event to excite your audience. Preview your upcoming Facebook Live video streams on your Facebook page with one or several status updates leading up to the stream and they will anticipate the streaming session, ultimately proving that much more likely to tune in.  

It will also help to mention the upcoming stream on other social media platforms such as Twitter.  Even a brief mention of the upcoming Facebook Live video stream in a blog post will help build hype for the event. This way, you won’t have to strictly rely on Facebook users spotting the stream in their feed while using that specific platform.  

You can hype up your stream with information about the topics you will be covering along with information about guest speakers. Be sure to repeat the time and date of the stream to maximize viewership. The more people who tune in, the more clients your financial advisor firm will eventually bring into the fold. In fact, you can even set up a Facebook event that prospective and current clients can RSVP to.  Encourage your followers and satisfied clients to spread the word about this virtual event and the time you spend streaming will be well worth the effort. 


Flex Your Creative Muscle With Facebook Live for Maximum Impact 

Include current clients along with carefully chosen social media influencers in Facebook video streams and you will expand your audience all the more.  Some financial advisor firms take it a step further by holding a prize giveaway, auction, raffle or other promotion during the stream to ramp up interest.  Do everything you can to maximize viewership of your Facebook Live event and the enhanced visibility really will translate to an increase in inquiries from locals in need of your financial advisor services.  

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