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5 Reasons Why Financial Advisor Websites Must Be Mobile Friendly


Once upon a time, an investor-friendly financial advisor website was enough to position your financial advisory firm on the Internet. You were probably listed on page one, two, or three. A mobile-friendly advisor website was a nice perk, but it did not impact the visibility or productivity of your website.

This strategy stopped being effective a year ago when Google announced the increased importance of mobile responsiveness when it produces all types of search results.

Read our 5 Reasons why financial advisor websites must be mobile-friendly or they will be invisible.

1. Mobile Search

Google recently published data that showed mobile search surpassed traditional desktop search for the first time in history.

Financial advisors must develop mobile-friendly websites because the vast majority of searches are conducted from mobile devices.

This need is not about technology. It is about the way investors use the Internet to find and research professionals, services, and products.

If your website does not open correctly on a mobile device, your potential customer will move on to your competitor  that has a mobile friendly, responsive website. See if your advisor website is mobile friendly. 

2. Google Algorithm

Google has already made mobile responsiveness a key element in the algorithm that it uses to produce organic rankings for thousands of RIA websites.

Google’s comprehensive algorithm takes everything into account including how fast pages load and how readable they are on small screens.

If you want high Google rankings, your site must be optimized for mobile use.

Plus, Google is continuing to work on a mobile-only version of its search results. Mobile responsiveness will be even more important in the not too distant future.

3. Search Traffic

A three year old study by Google showed people spend an average of 15 hours on their mobile devices each week and visit websites multiple times before they buy or initiate contact. Today those numbers are even higher.

If you want to increase traffic to your website you must have a mobile-friendly site. This should not be an after-thought. It should be a top priority.

Conversely, if your site is not mobile responsive you will miss out on this traffic and the future clients it can produce for your firm.

4. Local SEO Ranking

Most often, investors are looking for local service providers. The exceptions are investors who are seeking Virtual or Robo advisors.

In fact, one survey showed 69% of mobile users seek local service providers when they search for financial advisors.

A mobile friendly website with excellent local SEO will ensure that you reach investors in your local area who are seeking financial advice and services.

You are missing out if your firm does not show up on page one for geo-specific keywords that relate to your business.

5. Easy Access

The focus of your mobile strategy should not be displaying your website on smaller screens.

You should focus on understanding the motivation of investors who are using the Internet and smartphones to find and screen you. Once they have the information they are seeking, their next step is to initiate contact with you.

Mobile-friendly websites make it easy for investors to initiate contact with you. They may want to ask a question, schedule a call, or book an appointment. This interaction is the key element of a productive, mobile responsive financial advisor website.

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