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5 Internet Marketing Tips for Financial Advisors

The Internet is the most competitive marketplace on earth.

Thousands of companies and professionals compete for visibility on Internet search engines. 

Their visibility produces traffic for their websites. A percentage of the traffic becomes qualified prospects for their advice and services. 

Following are five marketing tips for financial advisors that will help improve your presence on the Internet and the productivity of your website. 

  1. Website Conversions 

Websites serve two distinct purposes. Deliver information about you and your firm to visitors and convert visitors into qualified prospects for your services. 

This may sound easy, but 82.7% of advisors have told Paladin their websites do not produce a consistent flow of prospects. 

Websites have to deliver the right messaging, content, and offers to be productive. 

Marginal efforts fail on the Internet due to the extraordinary amount of competition. 

  1. Inbound Marketing 

Every RIA in America has a website. In most cases, they have websites because all of their competitors have websites. They do not view the Internet as a primary source of prospects for their services. 

Many RIAs are just awakening to the idea that the Internet can have a significant impact on the growth of their businesses. We can probably thank the Robo and Virtual Advisors for the awakening. 

The role of Inbound Marketing is to produce traffic to your website and convert the traffic into qualified prospects for your business. 

Inbound Marketing strategies include: SEO, SEM, Social, Content, Website Design & Development and other tactics that produce traffic for websites. 

  1. Blog Content 

Blog content is an important part of an Inbound Marketing strategy. 

Blog content can also help establish you as a financial expert. 

This occurs when investors enter your name in Google and see several financial articles you have authored. Who writes articles? Experts write articles. 

Blog articles are an effective way to build your credibility on the Internet. 

  1. Local SEO 

Establishing a local presence on the Internet should be a critical part of your digital marketing strategy. 

Google+ Local is the premier service in this category and it is free. But, you have to earn your way into the top spots. 

Directory listings are also a way to boost your local presence. There are a lot of directories. You want to make sure you are listed in the right ones. 

  1. Drip Systems 

Investors may initiate contact with you, but they may not be ready to meet and/or select a financial advisor. 

It is imperative that you have a drip system that enables you to stay in touch with prospects, centers of influence, and referral sources. In regard to prospects, you want your name to pop-up when they are ready to begin interviewing financial advisors. 

The best drip system content will be educational without being overly promotional.  

6 Tips that help financial advisors increase internet leads and results

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