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Tips for Posting the Best Content on Your Financial Advisor Blog

Maintaining a financial advisor blog is one of the best strategies you can use to elevate the online visibility of your financial advisor website. And, as you know, it is this visibility that produces traffic for your website.  But if you are like most financial advisors, you are concerned that you are posting the right types of blog articles on your website. 

Keep reading for tips for posting the best content for your financial advisor blog, as well as some best practices you can get started with right away.


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Assess What You Already Have 

If you’ve been posting on your financial advisor blog for some time, chances are you may need to assess the performance of past blogs. What keywords were you targeting? How do you rank for those keywords? Are investors opening and reading your content? What needs to change to improve your results in the future?

You do not want to keep using the same strategy if it is not working.


Determine Which Content Has Performed The Best

Once you see what’s already been posted on your financial advisor blog, it helps to know which content has historically performed better. By looking at your financial advisor website analytics, you can see if certain content is more popular, as well as if there is any kind of seasonality to the content. 

Paladin Tip: If you come across an old post that is no longer relevant, it’s better to update the content than delete it. This could create broken links elsewhere and hurt your SEO. 


Create Original Content On Popular Topics

There is a finite number of topics within the financial advisor space. However, there are infinite ways to convey your thoughts and share that content. By creating original content on the most popular financial advisor topics, you’re getting to share the information from your perspective and in a way that resonates with your audience.

Paladin Tip: Downloads from content libraries have no SEO (Search Engine Optimization) value. Google has already seen the content. It takes high-quality, original content to produce SEO results. 


Post Content Consistently

It’s easy to start strong and then slow down once you get busy. But don’t let that happen to your financial advisor blog! One way to avoid neglecting this important asset is to create an editorial calendar that will help you remember not only what to post, but also when to post specific types of content based on what you’ve learned from analyzing past blog content metrics. 

You can even create and schedule financial advisor content for your blog weeks or even months in advance. Remember, compliance will want to see the content before it is published. Just be sure to review content that could have become outdated based on current events and market dynamics.


The Goal Is To Inform, Not Promote

Your financial marketing blog is out there for everyone to read. This can include prospective clients shopping for a financial advising partner, to those simply looking for basic financial information. This is the time to provide current, unique, and relevant information, and not to sell a product. While this “long game” approach can seem lengthy, creating quality content helps establish your credibility and trustworthiness, which can help to generate leads that become future, revenue-producing clients.

Paladin Tip: While you live and breathe in the financial world, your audience of investors does not. It’s best to avoid using investment jargon that only industry professionals or seasoned investors will understand. This will help reduce bounce rates (keeping people on your financial advisor website longer) and make you and your financial advisory firm more relatable and approachable. This is especially true for new investors who may be easily intimidated by investing terminology they don’t understand. 


Bring In Other Financial Experts To “Guest Blog”

Collaborating with other financial industry professionals is a great way to boost your financial advisor blog. These guest blog posts can provide a fresh perspective to your audience, as well as result in a guest blog post from your financial advisory firm on their blog. This can provide 3rd party validation in the eyes of Google in the form of valuable backlinks (links to your financial advisor website from another reputable website).


Use Appealing Images And Infographics 

There’s no way around the fact that some financial advisor topics can be complex and difficult to convey with words alone. Creating infographics can be a helpful way to present this information for those who learn better from relevant images instead of in addition to text alone. Even short-form blog content that’s not super complex can benefit from aesthetically pleasing and relevant images. 

Paladin Tip: Don’t miss out on valuable SEO points: Use alt tags and descriptions when using images on your financial advisor blog. 


Good Blog Content And SEO Go Hand In Hand

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) should always be considered when creating content for your financial advisor blog. But that doesn’t mean overusing keywords or phrases to get Google’s attention. The use of SEO means thinking about how the person seeking financial advisor content would search for it, what words and phrases would they enter in Google, and providing quality content that aligns with their interests. 

Paladin Tip: Google already accounts for this in their Semantic Search algorithms, so thinking that way can help increase the online visibility of your financial advisor content.


Bonus: Tips For Making Your Financial Advisor Blog Content Work Harder

There’s no question that creating financial advisor content is a lot of work. Which is why it’s crucial to get as much productivity out of this content as possible:

  • Share blog content on other channels, such as email marketing and social media platforms. Not only will this get more traffic to your financial advisor blog, but it can also help grow your email marketing list and social media results.
  • Create some evergreen content that won’t be outdated to mix in with the more timely posts based on market activity and current events. This reduces the amount of work it takes later when you are updating older content as well as developing cornerstone content that builds SEO credibility.
  • Turn blog content into a whitepaper or eBook that becomes a lead generation tool. By compiling existing blog content into a more substantial, downloadable asset, you can gate this content behind a lead form and grow your contacts with minimal additional effort.


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