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Paladin Registry's New Digital Marketing Services

Paladin has spent the past 12 years marketing RIAs and IARs to investors over the Internet. This invaluable experience created substantial demand from RIA members of Paladin’s Registry who were dissatisfied with the results that were produced by the digital marketing efforts. The advent of Robo advisors had caused many traditional RIAs to begin thinking about providing a virtual version of their services.

Paladin packaged its knowledge into three levels of digital marketing services that help RIAs:

  • expand their visibility on the Internet,
  • increase traffic to their websites,
  • and convert more visitors into qualified prospects.

All of the services are based on Paladin’s 12 years of digital marketing experience that produced more than 150,000 referrals and $50 billion of assets. See our recent press release.

Investors who submit contact data on RIA websites are the best prospects for three reasons:

  1. They are warm prospects because they initiated the contact.
  2. Second, they have already seen the content on RIA websites.
  3. Third, they liked what they saw or they would not have submitted their contact information.

There is one more reason - there can be less competition. You may be the only advisory firm that is contacted by investors. When investors use Directories they have access to you and hundreds of your competitors.

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