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How to Produce a Financial Advisor Branding Video

Financial advisor branding is an important step in your overall marketing efforts. Branding can help identify and distinguish you and your services from other financial advisors and advisory firms. One of the best ways to achieve this is by creating a branding video.

There is a significant difference between a general marketing video and one that serves branding purposes for your financial advisor firm.  A carefully crafted branding video will create indelible impressions in the minds of investors who view the video.  However, creating a truly effective financial advisor branding video is easier said than done.  Here are the steps of the process that will produce a branding video that financial advisors can be proud of.


Start by Creating a Profile Video

Profile videos are brief videos that last between one and two minutes.  These short videos provide an overview of your financial advisor firm’s unique brand.  This is your opportunity to introduce your company, briefly explain what you do and highlight the audience you are trying to reach.  Though your profile video will only be a minute or two in length, this is enough time to describe the core aspects of your value proposition.  

You can use the profile video as the initial component of a longer branding video or rely on it as a segue to your branding video.  Above all, your profile video should keep the target audience in mind.  Every aspect of this introductory video content, from the language you use to the nuances of selling points and beyond, should be tailored to your target audience.


Focus on Your Financial Advisor Firm’s Unique Story

People identify with companies that have a relatable or unique story.  Even if your financial advisor firm’s target audience of investor-types does not fully identify with your story, telling your story makes it easier for your audience to remember your company’s name and value. If your financial advisory firm does not have a unique or interesting story, establishing a beginning, middle and end to your story through a branding video can still make a lasting impression on your audience.  

When telling your story, keep it short and sweet.  There is no need to delve into the details of your rise to success.  Set the stage with some background information, address the hurdles your company overcame and communicate your current status as a leader in the financial advisor industry.  


Carefully Select the Storyteller

The voice of your company’s story largely impacts whether your message resonates with your target audience.  If no one in your office has a warm voice suitable for narration, do not hesitate to hire a voiceover artist.  However, it is also possible to tell a story with testimonials from satisfied clients.  In fact, stories can be told with images when presented in an artful manner.  If you take the image route, try to keep the accompanying text to a minimum as those who click videos typically expect audio and visuals as opposed to the written word.  

If you are the founder or principal of your financial advisory firm, consider telling the story yourself.  After all, no one knows your firm's road to success better than you.  Narration performed by the company founder or leader makes the story that much more personal and impactful.  However, if you are not confident in your voice, rely on a voiceover artist for a truly polished presentation that presents your company at its best.


Consider Using Testimonials

When in doubt, let your satisfied customers describe your financial advisor firm’s merits for you.  Feature one or several satisfied clients in your financial advisor branding video and your target audience will identify with their point of view.  Telling your company’s story from the perspective of such an outsider makes it that much easier for prospective customers to relate to the value of your services. Take some time to think about which approach is best to tell your financial advisor firm’s unique story.  When in doubt, blend elements of each of the approaches detailed above and your branding video will appeal to just about everyone in the audience.  


Emphasize Quality over Quantity

The best branding videos for financial advisor firms are a couple minutes in length or shorter.  When in doubt, opt for quality over quantity.  If any component of your video content looks cheap or unprofessional, revise it for a polished aesthetic.  

Keep in mind that this is your sole opportunity to tell your company’s story.  Even if producing high-quality content takes some extra time, effort and money, it is well worth it.  A truly engaging branding video plants a metaphorical seed in investors’ minds, ultimately maximizing the chances that they will reach out to your financial advisory firm to schedule an appointment.


Rely on a Script

Now that you have a general idea of what your company’s branding video will be like, it is time to write the script with these themes and boundaries in mind.  Create a script with pen and paper that zeroes in on specific talking points that your audience will be receptive to.  When writing your branding video script, consider how they will perceive your message and their subsequent reactions.  In other words, this is the time to shift your perspective to that of a viewer.  If your script is not written in a manner that creates a meaningful connection with your target audience, they will exit the video and your website. 


Edit Your Branding Video

The editing of your video will prove just as important as the brainstorming and execution of the content.  Do not hesitate to hire a video editor to pare down your footage into “digestible” content that is a couple of minutes in length.  Video editors worth their keep are capable of adding high-quality effects that increase the value of your content all the more.  

Above all, the video editor is tasked with trimming down the recorded footage and presenting captivating content that drives home the intended message.  Your video editor will also help add your branding video to the proper channels.  However, if you prefer to edit your branding video on your own, it is possible with the use of Windows Movie Maker or IMovie video editing software.


The Final Step: Branding Video Distribution

Once your video is complete, it is time to present it to your target audience.  However, merely embedding the branding video on your financial advisor firm’s homepage will not suffice.  There is no sense investing your time and effort creating a high-quality branding video unless it is seen by as many investors that represent your target market as possible.  

Add your branding video to your firm’s YouTube page, social media pages, homepage and LinkedIn page.  Sweat the small stuff when uploading the video as each platform has nuanced requirements in terms of formatting and size.  Double-check the video after uploading to ensure it looks fantastic and functions without flaw.

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