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Financial Advisors are Using HubSpot's CRM to Nurture Leads

There are several CRM's for financial advisors on the market. If you are like most financial advisors, you have certainly heard of the acronym CRM yet you might not fully understand how it can benefit your financial advisory firm.  CRM is short for Client Relationship Management.  In particular, financial advisor firms can benefit from HubSpot CRM to convert leads into prospects and prospects into revenue-producing clients.


About HubSpot CRM

HubSpot’s services are centered on inbound marketing, meaning strategically using the internet to draw in interested leads and convert them into clients.  The company’s platform is built for marketing, service and sales professionals to maximize their inbound marketing efforts, making the most of every penny spent on customer acquisition.  

The HubSpot platform is powered by a single database ensuring everyone on your team works as a cohesive unit.  Give the HubSpot CRM marketing software a try and you will find it facilitates customers’ organic discovery of your financial advisor firm’s website, thoroughly engages prospects and nurtures those leads all the way through the sales funnel until they become clients for your firm.


Account-Based Marketing

Marketing has quickly moved from outbound channels that attempt to reach as many people as possible to inbound channels that zero in on high-value prospects.  HubSpot’s CRM software facilitates these connections and subsequent conversions on behalf of financial advisor firms and other businesses.  CRM software facilitates the centralization, organization and security of client data, ultimately making it easier to communicate with prospects in the most effective manner possible.  This marketing software functions with the CRM database to connect with prospective clients and also properly serve existing clients.


A Closer Look at the Merits of HubSpot CRM 

There are plenty of CRM software tools on the market yet just about every financial advisor and other professionals who try HubSpot’s CRM for lead nurturing agree it is the cream of the crop.  This all-in-one solution combines automated marketing tools with an overarching CRM solution to best serve the needs of financial advisors in the form of a cohesive ecosystem.  

HubSpot CRM is centered on account-based marketing tools shared between the Sales Hub and Marketing Hub, making it that much easier for professionals in both groups to work in tandem to bring high-value clients into the fold.  These account-based marketing solutions are carefully designed to ensure they are intuitive, easy to use regardless of a marketer or sales professional’s tech expertise and ultimately facilitate a truly seamless conversion experience.

Give HubSpot’s account-based marketing strategy a try and you will find these tools make it easy to establish a marketing and sales strategy.  This is your chance to quickly and accurately define optimal customer profiles within workflow templates, pinpoint the ideal targets, define buying roles and make use of recommendations powered by artificial intelligence.  

Each of these actions is possible within HubSpot’s CRM system that contains both qualified leads and current customers.  The system is foolproof, ensuring essential contact information will remain properly stored, fully secure and readily accessible to every professional in your financial advisor firm’s marketing and sales departments.


The Collaborative Marketing Tool Your Financial Advisor Firm Needs

Check out HubSpot’s Target Accounts tool and you will find it provides an overarching view of progress made in each account your financial advisor firm has targeted.  The integration of Slack capabilities makes it that much easier for sales and marketing teams to collaborate in an efficient and organized manner to convert the most coveted target prospects into actual clients.  The software makes it easy to post KPIs with regularity, create individualized channels named after specific accounts and exchange information in a truly seamless manner between HubSpot and Slack.  

HubSpot’s account-based marketing tools feature LinkedIn Ads integration so financial advisor firms can zero in on specific clients based on myriad factors.  The software even features an account overview sidebar with an account-based marketing playbook specifically designed for sales representatives.  This marketing software is complex to the point that it can functionally overlap with the LinkedIn Sales Navigator to enhance your financial advisor firm’s outreach with prospects, creating meaningful connections as time progresses.


HubSpot’s CRM Even Tracks Success

Wouldn’t it be nice if your financial advisor firm’s software tracked client relationship results from the outset of your marketing efforts all the way up until the end point of conversion?  HubSpot’s CRM does exactly that, measuring and tracking your selected milestones across the life of the account.  

In fact, the software is in-depth to the point that it uses data to make the necessary alterations with your overarching strategy in mind.  This is the insight your financial advisor firm needs to understand exactly what is occurring at the account level, make the appropriate alterations as time progresses, prioritize prospects and pinpoint high-value accounts that require additional analysis.


Make the Leap to HubSpot CRM

If your financial advisor firm’s management is hesitant to pivot to a new CRM or any CRM at all, the hesitancy is understandable.  After all, it takes time, effort and money to make such a transition.  However, these are merely temporary setbacks that set the stage for your financial advisor firm to maximize its potential and reach even greater heights in the future.  

Embrace the opportunity to take advantage of HubSpot’s CRM software, dive in headfirst and it won’t be long until these tools make a meaningful impact on your financial advisor firm’s bottom line.  This software really does make it easy for clients to find your financial advisor website through:

  • The many different social media channels
  • Search engines
  • Your blog posts
  • Other components of your online footprint

Perhaps the best part of implementing HubSpot’s CRM is the software costs a fraction of a conventional outbound marketing campaign with TV commercials, radio commercials, ads in local papers, billboards, etc.  Implement this comprehensive marketing automation platform at your financial advisor firm today, give it a chance to facilitate the prioritization and execution of your marketing efforts and you will find it does a fantastic job of streamlining those tasks in an efficient manner.  

Monitor these efforts in the centralized data hub that makes it easy to track marketing campaigns in one area and you will agree HubSpot’s CRM is the missing piece to your financial advisors’ marketing puzzle.

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