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Financial Advisor Digital Marketing Content for Sales Funnels

The digital content displayed for a financial advisor’s target clients should differ based on the stage of the sales funnel they are in.  It simply does not make sense to show the same content to prospective clients who are at the start of the buyer’s journey to those who are nearing the end of the sales funnel.  There is a distinct path prospects move through with unique decision-making stages that provide the opportunity for them to learn more about the value offering and its associated merits.  

The goal is to educate prospective clients throughout these digital marketing sales funnel stages, gradually increasing the chances of conversion as they move through the funnel, all the way to the point where they transition from prospects into revenue producing clients.


Content for Top of Funnel (aka TOFU)

The top-most portion of your financial advisor sales funnel, referred to with the acronym of TOFU, is also dubbed the awareness stage of the buyer’s journey.  This is a period of time when investors are seeking information, resources, opinions and solutions.  Buyers in the TOFU portion of the sales funnel really will consider all information that helps them make the right decisions for their financial futures.  

Digital marketing for financial advisors can provide the tools to take advantage of this fantastic opportunity to expose those at the top of the sales funnel. For example an educational webinar on your website, your YouTube channel, or other content embedded in your social media.  

Your financial advisor marketing efforts can educate your target audience about your advisory firm’s services through an educational webinarReadyTalk reports upwards of 40% of those who attend educational webinars transition into qualified leads.  Prepare accordingly, present information about your services in an organized, clear and cogent manner and it won’t be long until prospects transition to the next stage of the sales funnel.

Those in the TOFU part of the sales funnel are also receptive to electronic books (eBooks) as well as whitepapers.  Both of these content resources provide an opportunity to educate prospects about your financial advisory firm as well as the financial topic - perhaps you provide opinions on the topics. Just make sure the subject matter presented in these resources aligns with your firm’s offerings and encourages prospects to move to the next stage of your sales funnel.

Blogs are also another important form of content to display to those in the TOFU stage of the sales funnel.  Blogs provide prospects with the information they need to better understand the industry as well as your financial advisory firm’s value offering.  Seize the opportunity to put your expertise on display with an informative blog and your posts will be read and shared, ultimately helping prospects move to the next stage of the sales funnel.  

Above all, the blog content should feature targeted keywords, key phrases and specific information to help your financial advisory firm connect with those in your area who are in need of financial advisor services.  Use these keywords and key phrases at a targeted density rate of 0.5% to 2.5% to avoid search engine penalties for oversaturation.


Content for Middle of the Funnel (aka MOFU)

The middle portion of the funnel is the evaluation stage.  This is where prospects get a sense of whether the services in question are suitable for their needs and desires.  Zero in on written content that educates prospects about the subject matter and your financial advisory firm’s specific services. Be sure to describe how your advice and services help your clients achieve their financial goals. 

Take some time to think about what prospective clients want to learn about your firm and the industry in general. Then write online content addressing those questions and concerns.  The written content can be presented in the form of articles added to your financial advisory firm website and social media as well as blog posts and other forms of communication.  

The MOFU stage also provides an invaluable opportunity to connect with prospects in the middle section of the sales funnel with information presented in video and demo form.  Video content extends quite the appealing visual to prospects, serving to introduce your financial advisory firm, your services and information about your industry.  This is an opportunity to establish a meaningful connection with prospective clients and teach them about the merits of your services as well as intriguing components of the broader financial service industry.  

Even something as simple as a “How-to” video that explains how to take advantage of a financial industry offering such as starting an IRA presents an invaluable opportunity to establish your financial advisory firm as a valuable source of trustworthy information and important services.  Use video to clearly and cogently communicate your firm’s value, flex your intellectual muscle, and it won’t take long for prospects to connect the dots and transition through the funnel.


Content for Bottom of the Funnel (aka BOFU)

The bottom of the funnel, also referred to as the purchase phase, is the last stage.  This is the stage of the sales funnel when prospects make the transition to paying clients and that means select your firm. What is necessary to make that transition as seamless and mutually beneficial as possible?  

In short, this is the point in time when prospects are ready to pay for your financial advisor firm’s value offering.  As long as you provide these target clients with ample information and nurture them throughout the sales funnel, there is a higher probability they will convert into clients - the last step in the nurturing process.  

BOFU stage prospects are particularly receptive to case studies.  Present tangible proof of the results of your financial advisory firm’s services through case studies and BOFU prospects will be inclined to convert into paying clients.  Case studies make it clear that your services have real value by helping others achieve their financial goals. Just make sure that the case studies you select are those that prospects can relate to so they can gain a thorough understanding of your financial advisory firm’s value proposition.  

The BOFU stage is also an opportunity to send a follow-up email that facilitates future communication.  Send emails with additional information targeted directly to BOFU prospects.  This strategy is also referred to as “dripping” on BOFU stage prospects.  Examples of information to send via email include newsletters, Ebooks, information about discounts and text from blog posts.

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