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Facebook Ad Boosting for Financial Advisors

Facebook is now one of the leading online advertising platforms.  Its social media network empowers financial advisors and financial advisory firms to directly interact with potential clients as well as current clients through status updates, comments, live video and more.  

Facebook also presents the opportunity for financial advisor paid advertising. Advisors can pay for ads and posts placed directly into users’ feeds.  Such posts can be “boosted” to significantly increase the number of individuals who see the content.

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An Inside Look at Boosting Facebook Ads

Some financial advisors are hesitant about paying for Facebook ads simply because they assume few people will see the ads.  Others assume Facebook users will scroll right by the ads without giving them much thought.  However, even if the majority of Facebook users scroll past ads placed on the platform, they will be exposed to your firm's name, logo and slogan, greatly increasing the chances of the all-important brand recognition.  

What matters most is that Facebook ads are shown to as many people as possible, with a particular emphasis on those most likely to pay for the financial advisor firm’s services.  Facebook ad boosting makes this increase in exposure possible.  In fact, a mere dollar per day spent for ad boosting on Facebook might make a significant difference in views and subsequent calls to the office to learn more about your financial advisory services.

Facebook ad boosting involves paying for posts to appear on user feeds as sponsored content.  Pay the small fee necessary to boost your Facebook ads and they will be shown as sponsored content within users’ timelines.  The number of people who see the ad is determined by the amount of money you pay.  This is the perfect way to zero in on your financial advisory firm’s exposure to the target audience.  

In fact, you can even narrow the scope of your Facebook ad boosts to a specific demographic such as women in their 40s.  Facebook’s advertising platform empowers you to pick exactly who your posts are shown to, ensuring users you want to see will view your ad exactly when desired so you achieve maximum impact.  


The Finances of Ad Boosting on Facebook

Boosting ads on Facebook is flexible to the point the platform lets you set your own budget.  This means you pay exactly what you desire and receive exposure that corresponds to the amount spent.  The platform even lets financial advisors and other business owners establish a budget of a single dollar.  Enter the figure you have in mind and you will see the estimated exposure based on your unique marketing budget and selected target audience.


Carefully Select the Content to Boost 

It is not sensible to boost every single piece of content you post to Facebook.  Some posts are worth boosting while others are better off remaining as regular status updates.  If you were to boost all of your Facebook content, you would waste a significant amount of money.  When in doubt, focus on posts that have a powerful call-to-action.  Emphasize these posts with Facebook ad boosting and that many more people will visit your financial advisor firm’s website, learn about your services, and contact you to schedule an initial consultation.

Unique or highly informative Facebook posts are also boost-worthy.  The following content should be boosted:

  • Content you are particularly proud of due to its authenticity
  • Impactful words/images 
  • Idiosyncratic content
  • Timely messaging

Furthermore, it makes sense to boost posts that are already performing well.  Shine the spotlight that much brighter on successful Facebook posts and it will be shown to prospective clients you would like to zero in on, ensuring your best social media content is highlighted for them to see. 


Facebook Ad Boosting Helps Financial Advisors Emerge From the Pack

Billions of posts, images and links are shared on social media every single day.  There is an avalanche of information that makes it difficult for your financial advisor firm to emerge from the pack unless you boost your content.  If you were to simply update your company’s status and share relevant images/links without paying for ad boosting, it would prove challenging to garner meaningful attention.  

Opt for a boost and your content will prove that much more visible.  This enhanced visibility will lead to user shares, helping you and your firm gain valuable exposure.  The best part is this increased exposure does not cost a painfully large sum of money as is often the case with traditional outbound advertising.


Consider Your Brand Image

Take a moment to consider the perspective of Facebook users who are unfamiliar with your firm's brand.  These users spot one of your boosted posts in their Facebook feed.  If the post features an image that is visually striking, they are more likely to remember your brand and reach out to you to learn more about your services.  However, if the boosted post does not contain an image or video, it might not prove as memorable, meaning your brand recognition will be diminished. 


Use Facebook Insights to Your Advantage

When in doubt in regard to which posts should be boosted, take a look at Facebook’s Insights tab.  The data in this section informs you about which posts have the highest rate of engagement, meaning the largest number of people who interact with it.  Review these high-quality posts in-depth to determine which are most likely to generate a positive response from your audience and boost them as appropriate. 


Facebook Ad Boosting Even Helps You Pluck Clients From the Competition

Your financial advisor firm probably isn’t the only one in town.  Use Facebook ad boosting with prudence and this inbound marketing tool will help you capture more market share, possibly even winning over some of your competition’s clients.  Facebook ads empower financial advisors and other businesses to directly target those most interested in the competition’s posts or Facebook pages.  

You can search for the names of fellow financial advisor competitors in your region by clicking Interests and searching for the names of the competition.  Take this approach and those who like the competition’s pages or clicked the competition’s posts will be shown on your Facebook ad.  Boost the right ads and you just might convince those in need of your services to shift their allegiance to your financial advisor firm.

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