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Case Study Videos for Financial Advisors

When case study videos are mentioned, most people’s thoughts gravitate toward the complex subject matter explored in the technology and analytics arenas.  However, case studies are also important for those who work as financial advisors.  Video marketing, and in particular, case study videos, produce considerable value for financial advisors - brand awareness, leads, etc.


About Case Study Videos

Case study videos are a vehicle that demonstrates the value proposition that financial advisors provide to clients.  These videos focus on stories from actual clients that prospective clients can identify with.  Such a point of reference greatly increases the chances of potential clients transitioning to revenue-producing clients, some of whom will remain loyal to your financial advisor firm for years to come. 

Video is the optimal medium for case studies as it elicits an emotional response in a manner that other mediums cannot.  The bottom line is some people respond better to video as opposed to text.  However, merely setting up a camera in front of a satisfied client and asking him or her to speak to the merits of your financial advisor firm will not suffice.  Here’s a quick look at how to get the most out of your financial advisor firm’s case study videos. 


Case Study Videos Should Have a Specific Aim

Take some time to think about the intended goal of your financial advisory firm's case study videos.  Consider what you would like your satisfied clientele to communicate to your target prospects in these important videos.  Most financial advisor firms rely on case study videos to complete the sales process, convincing those who are close to hopping on board as clients to make the final leap to become actual paying clients.

Case study videos can also help educate those who are unfamiliar or only slightly familiar with your financial advisor firm. They can learn more about your value offering, setting the stage for eventual conversion from interested party to new client.  So think about which prospective customers you would like to zero in on with your case study video content.  Focus on one or several particular personas, tailor your case study video content toward those individuals, and your content will help persuade them to schedule an initial consultation that may be virtual or at your office.


Create a Relatable Story by Asking the Right Questions

Case study videos tell a story that audiences can relate to.  Discuss client experiences with them before turning on the camera for your case study video recording purposes.  This preliminary chat will help you determine if the client in question is suitable for the video and also shed light on what he or she might reveal when the camera starts recording.  The video should focus on the client’s unique background, the pain point that the financial advisor firm helped solve, and his or her experience with your services and staff.  

The client’s story will sound natural as long as you pose the proper questions.  It is best to ask open-ended questions as opposed to comparably rigid questions that can be answered in the affirmative or negative.  Open-ended questions ensure the client has the opportunity to provide an authentic and interesting response that captivates your target audience.


Focus on Your Financial Advisor Firm’s Solutions 

The primary purpose of case study videos is to identify client problems and reveal how your financial advisor firm’s solutions solved those unique problems.  Though potential clients will question your legitimacy if you tout your firm’s value proposition on your own, they are more likely to listen to existing clients who are satisfied with your services.  

Zero in on current clients with one or several problems shared by the majority of your target audience, pose questions that give satisfied clients the opportunity to explain how your services solved those challenges and your audience will seriously consider how they can also benefit from your value offering.


Mind the Aesthetics of the Video

The look of your case study videos is of considerable importance as a poorly-shot video or one with bad lighting will alienate the audience.  If there are any visual flaws with the footage, edit them with video editing software.  In fact, it even makes sense to add soft music to the background to set the right mood, engage the audience and help reinforce the theme of the story you are telling through your case study video participants.  

If you are not confident in your video recording and editing abilities, do not hesitate to lean on professionals for assistance.  Video marketing agencies are available to assist with every aspect of this challenge, ensuring your final case study video proves effective at converting the target audience into paying clients. It pays to select an agency that has experience with investors and their selection of financial advisors.


Shoot Carefully

The subtleties of the case study video shoot have the potential to make the difference between capturing the audience’s attention and sending them toward one of the web’s innumerable alternatives.  Select a quiet space for client interviews.  Budget in extra time to shoot the footage so you do not have to rush through client interviews.  Clients who feel rushed are likely to curtail their answers and prove less engaged with the interviewer, ultimately reducing the quality of your financial advisor firm’s case study video.

Invest a little bit of time brainstorming the types of shots you would like to take.  Each component of the script should have specific scenes, each of which is shot in a particular manner.  Experiment with several different shot sizes and angles to capture testimony from satisfied clients in a truly artful manner.  Alternate between shots in the final cut so the viewing audience remains interested in the video content.


Case Study Distribution is Just as Important as the Video Quality

There is no sense investing your time, money, and effort creating a top-notch case study video for your financial advisor firm if few people see it.  Your firm needs a comprehensive overarching marketing strategy to maximize your use of the footage.  Case study videos can be distributed across the entirety of the web:

  • Your financial advisor firm’s YouTube page
  • Your firm’s homepage
  • Service pages
  • Embedded within blog posts
  • Embedded in social media
  • Used in sales pitches

Include a Call-to-Action

Don’t forget to add a call-to-action!  There should be a call-to-action in the video as well as in text form on each web channel where the video is presented.  Suggest your target audience take a specific action after watching the video and you will set the stage for a successful prospect-to-client conversion that proves mutually beneficial for your audience as well as your financial advisor firm.

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