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7 Reasons Why Financial Advisors Videos Work

Financial advisor video marketing is only becoming more powerful, which is why more financial advisory firms are using videos as a promotional tool. You may be asking yourself whether your company has the resources to competently promote marketed video content.  We have written this article to help you answer that question, and provide you with the reasons why integrating marketed video content into your financial advisor website is more than worth it.

Simply put, when it comes to creating videos for financial advisor websites, video is one of the most powerful promotional tools out there. To help you understand why, here is a list of 7 of the best reasons financial advisors use video on their websites:


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1. Videos Will Help You Build Trust

Any seasoned business professional will agree that conversions and sales are founded on trust. This is precisely why every organization should strive to build trust with their customer base. Trust facilitates long-term relationships, and there is no better way to build it than to form a genuine connection with someone. In a business context, this means creating a dialog with the other person where they feel you are providing useful information rather than simply attempting to sell them something.

Video content provides an easy solution to this problem. It engages viewers on a fundamental level, that of their interests. This is why YouTubers are often regarded as some of the most powerful promotional influencers throughout all the channels of social media.

Even if you aren’t uploading videos directly to YouTube, you can instill trust with promotional videos. However, many financial advisors are using youtube, and you can always begin doing that as well.

Say you have a prospective client who is wary about using your services through the Internet. The best way to engage this type of client is by producing a comprehensive marketing video that conveys the benefits of your services in a personable manner that also provides them with an opportunity to actually see how they could benefit from working with you remotely.

2. Videos Yield Ideal ROI

The majority of businesses who have made the foray into marketed video content agree that videos provide excellent return on investment. Despite not being the cheapest foray in the world, it is more than worth it. Even better, production technology is only becoming easier to use and more affordable. With a little research and practice, you could even shoot some of it yourself using your smartphone.

Making things even easier is the fact that, according to recent studies, the video quality does not have to be perfect. Rather, videos still adhere to the tried and true marketing mantra, “content is king.” Most of these studies have shown that users’ biggest gripe is with videos that do not explain the service clearly enough (which touches on the earlier point about deceptive, sales-driven approaches to business relationships).

3. Google Owns YouTube

Posting a video on your site means viewers will likely remain there longer. Consequently, this gives your site more exposure and tells search engines that users are paying attention to your content. Some studies have postulated that a site is over 50 percent more likely to appear in a ranked Google search result if they have embedded video content.

When embedding videos on your site, make sure to optimize them for SEO. Additionally, take some time to compose effective titles and descriptions that will resonate with your customer base. You should also place links to your website and services throughout the copy. Put the power in your clients’ hands and encourage them to take action.

4. Mobile Users Love Video

Recent studies have shown that as many as 90 percent of consumers watch videos on their mobile phones. Combine this with the fact that the number of smartphone users around the world is only continuing to grow and it becomes clear that video content is a decisive first step in regards to attracting an audience and keeping them engaged. Additionally, Google has reported that mobile content helps prospective clients form a personal connection with your services and ultimately view them in a more personal light.

5. Explain Your Services And Increase Your Conversions

What better way to attract clients than creating a video explaining how your services work and letting them come to you because it works for them? Almost 100 percent of users claim they have watched tutorial or explainer videos prior to making a decision. So if you’re thinking about implementing video marketing on your website, make sure to have an explainer/tutorial video on your homepage.

One of the biggest reasons to use video content, which all of these previous reasons touch on in one way or another, is to maximize your conversions and returns. Some studies suggest that having a landing page with a comprehensive product or services video can up your conversions by as much as 80 percent. Marketed video content can also promote direct sales. Some of the aforementioned studies show that the majority of users who watched tutorial videos about a product or service subsequently purchased said product or service.

6. Videos Capture The Attention Of A Wide Variety Of People

We’ve spent the majority of this article discussing the educational and promotional benefits of marketed video content. But there is a third way that, when used correctly, can also appeal to a variety of buyers. Of course, we’re talking about mobilizing video content for consumptive purposes.

Some modern customers are too busy to read every lengthy description or watch every 30 minute tutorial video. This group would rather see the services in action and then decide for themselves. Fortunately, these types of videos are relatively easy to produce and should not interfere with your other content marketing strategies.

7. Videos Encourage Conversations And Social Media Sharing

If you have ever given attention to the features of most social media platforms, you will have likely noticed how video oriented they are. Most popular modern platforms encourage video content in one form or another. This is great for business in that prospective clients will gladly share your content provided they find it informative or entertaining. While this won’t lead to an immediate ROI, it will generate more shares on social media, which will subsequently drive more traffic to your site.Inbound Marketing for RIAs

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