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5 Tips To Become A Successful Financial Advisor


There are lots of financial advisors out there but there are just a few key traits that separate the most successful from the struggling. Discover which of these characteristics can highlight opportunities to propel you and your firm into greater success. 


1. Passion For The Industry  

Having a passion for your career may sound like a given, but there is an important reason this trait is particularly true in the financial realm. It has to do with the evolving nature of the investment world and the ever-changing rules that govern this industry. Passionate financial advisors have the desire to keep up and learn more about the latest financial-related laws and their potential effect. Are there ways you and your associates can appreciate or reward this kind of passion for the industry and the drive to know more? An advisor passionate about finance is also interested in connecting and sharing with other professionals in the field, which is always a valuable way to improve and guarantee success. Ask yourself if you would you want someone managing your wealth that is merely punching a clock, or a passionate advisor who is constantly exploring relevant topics. The answer is obvious, and with this in mind, a good question to ask a financial advisor with every new conversation is, "What's new in the industry?” By the same token, to become a truly successful advisor you should always have a compelling answer to this question ready to be shared.


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2. Commitment To Their Brand 

In a sea of competition, it becomes vital to differentiate. This is why successful Financial Advisors are committed to branding as this is what helps their firm to become known, remembered, and preferred. Your brand serves as the face of your company and so to distinguish yourself from all the others, it should be thoughtfully comprised of elements that help define your firm for your target audience. This includes components like name, tagline, mission statement, logo, design, and voice of your firm. Building a successful brand should always start with knowing your target audience inside and out. When this important piece of the puzzle is clearly defined, then you can develop a distinct set of features that are not only intrinsic to your firm but are also the most appealing to your market. Because impressions are so important, gaining the attention of today’s consumers is vital to earning new investors that ensure your firm’s success into the future. Being thoughtful about your whole brand is how you make these lasting impressions and succeed in a competitive marketplace.


3. Inbound Marketing Strategies

Inbound Marketing essentially positions your firm to be easily found by potential investors through strategic online presence. The beauty of this type of lead generation is that the prospects come calling on you as they seek investment information for which they are interested. Your inbound marketing strategy simply requires being in the right place when consumers come searching. When your firm is set up to be easily found with thoughtful content and Search Engine Optimization (SEO), you help guide these interested prospects toward becoming your next investors. Because most consumers begin their big decisions online, knowing their research process helps you optimize your online presence, rank higher on search lists, and position your firm for success. 


4. Dedication To Continuing Education

If you are a financial planner then you already know how important Continuing Education (CE) is to your field. Because changes within the industry can happen even from one year to the next, there are CE requirements for renewing professional licensing and credentials. Many of these distinctions are required by law and others are important for attracting new investors as they compare options for a financial professional to manage their nest egg. Not only does CE help advisors stay abreast of changes in industry regulations, but it also can shed light on the best strategies to support these changes. It is imperative for successful advisors to stay on top of CE requirements and to complete necessary courses like clockwork so as never to fall behind schedule or miss an important deadline.


5. Stellar Client Appreciation 

It can seem nearly impossible to stand out amidst the many email blasts offering calculators and downloads. An important place for your firm to shine is with a more successful approach to client appreciation that can and should go beyond monthly correspondence. You have a chance to make an impact with some new approaches to client appreciation that do not have to be complicated but go along way towards building better relationships and connecting with new prospects. So show your current and potential clients some love with a few outside-the-box-ideas that go beyond financial workshops. 


If your target market lends itself to a family event, there are lots of fun and budget-friendly options like a free ice cream social or a movie night at your local theatre. Even a helpful paper-shredding event can take on a party-feel when you include prize-raffles or games and local food trucks. These activities present excellent opportunities for your clients to bring family members or friends that can easily become your next prospects. If the clients you serve would appreciate an exclusive event, invite them to tour a museum exhibit, gallery, or unique place-of-interest. You can make a big impression by hosting these types of events, including a theme dinner, golf-outing, or local wine tasting. Many clients will love the touch of luxury that an exclusive event lends. Not to mention, the memorable setting can provide an opportunity to talk with your clients and prospects about the financial topics they are most interested in. The truth is, when you express gratitude to your clients with this type of appreciation, it can make such an impression that they tell their friends and family which result in the quality referrals that successful firms are built on. 

If you are ready to boost your firm’s success, an expert in marketing can help. When you choose a marketing professional with experience helping financial advisors, then you benefit from a partner that truly speaks your language. Peace of mind is particularly valuable in the financial arena where a partner with industry knowledge and proven success can make a big difference. Paladin Digital Marketing has helped countless financial firms and independent advisors reach full potential. If you have questions about how to propel your firm toward greater success, Paladin is a knowledgeable resource in your field and a worthwhile connection to uncovering more opportunity.

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